Jess and Joe are the type of couple that other couples look up to - together for years with a spunky son a beautiful house, and a strong relationship. I was ecstatic, to say the least, when Jess and Joe expressed interest in eloping. I suggested a weekend away in the Badlands, which was met with enthusiastic yeses. When the day arrived, I met Jess and Joe in the Badlands on a Saturday - Jess looking like a goddess in a long flowy bohemian dress, and Joe donning a black suit and hip bolo tie. We ended up in a little-known corner of the park that I had never explored despite frequenting the Badlands yearly. Eclectic Elegance Florals came through with the most perfect bouquets of white and dusty greens. And because time was on our side, Jess was able to wear two different wedding dresses. We ran and danced and awed at the landscape. As the sunset, quiet moments on a cliff overlooking the caldera served as silent vows that spoke more than words ever could. The night ended at a bar in Wall, SD with burgers and beer. A personal and unique wedding day - one true to Jess and Joe’s relationship.